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IDRI OIL SERVICES S.A is a local Procurement Company specialized in resourcing and supplying equipment and spare parts to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry in Libya. We have been dealing with the major companies in Oil & Gas sector in Libya and fulfilling their requirements with the best competitive prices. IDRI Oil Services aim is to offer clients the highest quality of services and to set the highest standard of performance.

IDRI OIL SERVICES S.A is an integrated oil field service provider under high qualified management team. The company is established to provide high standard services to achieve the customer’s satisfaction using its long standing oil field experience and expertise is gained for a quarter century in the country.

Chariman Views

"I take immense pleasure in introducing to you IDRI OIL SERVICES S.A. Since 2006 we are engaged in the business of supplying best quality services to oil field Companies in Libya, and we are in the process of expanding our business."....Read More

Why Choose Us?

IDRI OIL SERVICE S.A might be a new name to you in the sphere of services in the oil industry. However the people running the company are certainly not new to this branch of the oil sector. There fore we are going to introduce our company history and resources.

Our Safety Policy

IDRI Oil Services S.A. believes that proper regard for Health, Safety and Environment is a good investment it provides a better product and a more motivated workforce. As such, will provide as much information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary....Read our Safety Policy

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