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Security Escorting for VIPs & Equipment and Employees

Team IDRI/Crucible managed armed security officers.

Technical security Services Agreement For Remsa

Support of the Sharara oil field operations.

DEMINECO Human Services Ltd. (DHS)

As part of a de-mining project, IDRI acted as the DHS Subcontractor

Security Escorting Services for Remsa VIP at Al Sharara Desert

On 5 June, 2013, IDRI provided close protection & escorting

Technical security Services Agreement For Remsa

IDRI-Crucible provided training program

Evacuation & Rescue security services

Evacuation & Rescue security service

Providing of 24 Industrial Security Guards For Site (ISG)

Controlling the access to the production facilities

Escorting ENI North Africa Executive Management

IDRI Security team secure the convoy consisted of five vehicles

Security& Logistic Support

We provided security and logistic service to Frontier MedEx

Security Escorting Services

Frontier MedEx was called on by REMSA, SA in Tripoli

Personal Protection

Personal protection for REMSA in south western of Libya