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Close protection team (CPT)

IDRI recognizes the on-going security challenges in Libya, Supplying of Close protection team is one of IDRI’s major services  to insure keeping our clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm.

They are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance. Their work includes:


  • Protecting the clients from threats of physical violence.
  • Checking out premises, such as hotels, restaurants and theatres, before the client arrives.
  • Installing surveillance equipment.
  • Surveying the layout of venues, noting potential hazards and exposure to risks.
  • Accompanying the client on business and social trips.
  • Driving the client to and from venues.


Although much of a CPT’s time can involve periods of inactivity, IDRI CPT  constantly alert and ready to respond to a threatening situation by liaising constantly with our security professionals. IDRI CPT work in teams, using specialist communication equipment while conducting the service