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Design, Supply & installation Services

Where your facility needs a security system update to keep current with the latest security situations, our team of professional security consultants comes in to strategically incorporate your existing security system measures with the critical enhancements.

These will be based on a study of your site, the most current and anticipated security situations including the clear identification of threats and vulnerabilities, and your operational and business requirements. Our knowledgeable security consultants ensure that your enhanced system will not only be the most current but also allow for adaptability for future security situations.

The stages below outline the steps taken to carry out effective Design, Supply & Install. Click on each stage to find out more.

IDRI believes that every customer has a specific need, and since we are not obligated and contracted to a particular manufacturer, we can offer you a wider range of solutions, and solutions that are more appropriate to customer’s particular need.
IDRI can supply the following security equipment:

  • Security scanners and trace detection equipment hold baggage screening.
  • Explosive detection systems and trace detection equipment – Equipment is used to screen   baggage that is carried in the hold of the aircraft.
  • Cabin baggage screening – advanced cabin baggage x-ray, liquid explosive detection systems and trace detection equipment.
  • Cargo screening – trace detection equipment, cargo and mail metal detection, EDS and remote explosive scent tracing.
  • Consumables – approved consumables for trace detection equipment.
  • Threat image projection libraries.
  • Metal Detectors.
  • Uniform.
  • Hand Held Radio.
  • Flashlight.
  • Binoculars.
  • Satellite phone.
  • All other Military Accessories & Equipment.