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Construction & Logistical services inclusive of Catering & Supplies

Construction services inclusive of Catering & Supplies:

IDRI has the capability to provide the construction services including accommodation and catering supplies for the whole crew, this service comprises site management, coordination, logistics and communication support.

Provision of Heavy Equipment:

IDRI record indicates an excellent ability to provide a dedicated service for the Provision of heavy Equipment such as   cranes, forklifts, and other relevant industrial Equipment, the service including the mobilization and demobilization of required industrial Equipment to / from all areas around Libya without any barriers.


IDRI can provide a comprehensive, economical, flexible, efficient, and sustainable programs to facilitate the movement of people, vehicles, equipment and goods in safe manner across Libya.

Our mission, vision, and values are intended to serve our customers inside and outside Libya.

IDRI also can provide both permanent assignment and rental vehicles (short- or long-term) to all local & foreign customers either inside or outside Tripoli