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Maintenance Services

1. Building works

This relates to the maintenance of all sub and super-structures, structures, roofs including floor finishing, joinery works (including doors, windows, glazed areas, etc.) and any other features and components of the built up areas. All areas with roughcast concrete finish shall be cleaned using coconut brushes or other appropriate materials.

2. Water and Sewage Systems

This includes all the systems, components and fittings related to water supply (including water pump, water tanks, water distribution, hydrants, etc.), water drainage systems, (including both water pipes and open drainage), sewage system including sewage pipes, oxidation ponds, septic tanks, sewage pump etc), grease traps, toilet groups (including all fittings and wall and floor finishes), waterscape systems, etc

3. External Works

This includes fences, roads, car parks, footpaths, etc.

4. Sign Making Works

This includes nameplate plotting, cutting to size and sticking the cut-offs, and fabrication of minor general signboards.

5. Office Partitioning

This is to be done with material supplied by CLIENT (new partitioning, changing of existing partitions, inserting doors, blocking doors, glass windows and blinds, etc). IDRI will be responsible for ensuring that CLIENT’s materials are properly used and not wasted.

6. Workshop

This is to be set up with the CLIENT’s own machinery to do all types of joinery, furniture, metal works, terrazzo works (as required), including arc and gas welding, spray painting and other form of paint work. IDRI will be responsible for provision of such items as steel and masonry drill bits, discs, hacksaw blades and any other items necessary for the equipment to be used to give/achieve the desired end results.

7. Fixing of Floor and Wall Finishes

This includes the maintenance and laying of ceramic, terrazzo, parquet wood blocks, grano, pvc, carpets, tiles, ceilings etc.

8. Painting

This involves internal and external paint works including road markings, spray painting of fading, roller paint works, , renovation of existing structures, and any additional paintwork as may be directed. CLIENT will provide paint, polyfilla, sandpaper and paint brushes.

9. Minor renovations/construction

This involves construction of manholes and other types of chambers, digging trenches as may be directed, demolition of masonry walls, floors, etc. renovation of structures, additional construction as may be directed, e.g. building of walls, creation of door apertures, and other minor construction.

10. General Labor Supply for Maintenance

IDRI also provides labor to its client to fulfill their requirements.

11. Any Other Maintenance Work

This shall include any other maintenance works required by the nature of existing building and external works or minor construction.

  • Block Work.
  • Tiling Work.
  • Electrical Work.
  • Fixing and repair of locks and ironmongery