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Rescue & Evacuation Services

Rescue & Evacuation Services


IDRI is committed to our client’s safety and security and has contracted experience providing for personnel evacuation from dangerous locations. Our services vary to meet the client’s requirements. We can provide air, sea and vehicle evacuation services throughout Libya.

A crisis situation can occur at any time, and IDRI is available 24/7 to respond to any natural disasters, outbreaks of violence, or other incidents that may threaten life, property or corporate reputation. Whether the event is international or domestic, our security and risk consultants, intelligence analysts and operational specialists are available to provide clients with the solutions, backup and follow-through they need.

Whether responding to a political situation or a natural disaster, IDRI is a trusted leader in the provision of emergency response and evacuation services.

In the event of an Emergency Security Situation, we will arrange for evacuation from work location or other point to the nearest safe haven.
Below is IDRI’s History of our past experience in the evacuation and rescue are mentioned below:

APR Energy Company:

  • January 2015, Rescue & evacuation for APR energy team from Corinthia hotel (APR head office) to Maitega airport when the hotel attacked by terrorists .
  • July 2014 started (Tripoli clash conflict), IDRI team succeed to evacuate APR Energy team from the head office in Sarraj area (Tripoli) By ( Road to Tunisian border, Boats to Malta & Misurata airport.