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Supplying Services

Our wide range Supplying list of equipment is not limited to the following Services of    Supplying Equipment, Tools & Material to Oil and Gas Companies with-in Libyan Market     IDRI seeks to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in our services.

IDRI can supply a large selection of equipment, tools, apparatus & devices, our qualified team allows our clients to get what they need quickly, wherever they’re operating—saving you time and money.

Supplying services are in these fields of Oil & Gas industry:

  • Gas & Oil field Equipment & parts
  • Drilling Products
  • Refinery and Petrochemical products


  • Pipes, Pumps and Valves
  • Pipe fittings and flanges
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Oil Field Instrument and tools
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Separators and Filters
  • Welding equipment
  • Fire Protection Equipment
  • Spool & Adaptors
  • Flow Instrument
  • Laboratory Equipment & tools